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Every batch of Birmingham fountain pen ink is manufactured by hand in-house from a series of raw ingredients selected for quality and consistency. Each bottle is poured, capped, and labeled by hand.

Ink Ingredients
Diluent - Highly purified laboratory grade water to ensure consistency
Thickener - Tempers feathering
Humectants - Influences dry-time
Lubricants - Regulates flow & performance
Surfactants - Regulates flow & performance
Preservative - Adds shelf life for safe long-term use & storage
Colorants - Powder dyes to bring colors alive in the solution

*The large 120mL bottles are round glass with a dropper cap.

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All orders excluding pens should ship within 2-5 business days during the month of December. While we polish, package, and ship pens as fast as possible, please allow up to 1-2 weeks for pens made in-house to depart the workshop.

International & U.S. Territories
All international shipping rates are calculated live at checkout based on weight and destination, shipped by USPS. International customers are responsible for any customs, tariff, brokerage fees, etc. that may be assessed. Inquire with your relevant local governing agencies for details. 

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